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  • Do you want to avoid court?

  • Do you want to position yourself powerfully if you are forced to go there?


We help lawyers and members of the public by giving second opinions (will your case succeed?) and recommendations (what more can be done?) We draw on the knowledge we gain writing textbooks and maintaining websites for the education of the legal community across Canada. A preliminary opinion can be put together quickly.  We book a pair of appointments.  The first extends over three hours.  The second is shorter.  The first appointment is to collect facts and documents.  The second is to report on conclusions and recommendations.  Between the two appointments, we review documents, double check details, and check in-office legal resources.  A block fee can be quoted in advance for that process.  We protect the relationship between a referring lawyer and his or her client.


We help clients who need to go to court. We mediate, arbitrate, and steer clients to calm shores. When it is truly necessary, we like a fight.


John Poyser, B.A, LL.B., TEP

  • Provides in-court litigation services.

  • Author of “Capacity and Undue Influence” published to help lawyers and judges with estate litigation.  Five years in the making, the text canvasses and explains the law of will and gift challenges across Canada and the United Kingdom.  He has presented and educated lawyers across Canada on point.

  • Co-Author of “Taxation of Trusts and Estates” also published nationally and currently in its tenth edition.

  • In addition to providing litigation services direct to clients in the courtroom, he helps clients and other lawyers across Canada by providing opinions and litigation support.  Some cases are strong.  Some cases are weak.  Some cases can be improved.

Ken Mandzuik, B.A, LL.B.

  • Provides in-court litigation services.

  • Has appeared at all levels of court in Manitoba.

  • Has appeared at the Supreme Court of Canada.

  • Experienced in all aspects of civil and commercial litigation.

Cynthia Hiebert-Simkin, LL.B.

  • Leads estate administration at Tradition Law LLP.

  • Can be hired as an arbitrator.  An alternative to court, arbitration is faster,  easier and less expensive.  Both sides have to consensually submit to arbitration.  Cynthia has taken formal training in this area.

  • Past chair of the Wills and Estates Section of the Canadian Bar Association.