About Us

We regularly assist our clients with strategies intended to minimize income taxes and in structuring special arrangements to improve the lives of the families, friends and community left behind. This includes estate freezes, living trusts, tax planned wills, and special trusts for disabled beneficiaries. ​

We help families deal with estates after the death of a loved one, applying for probate and handling estate administration. ​

We also help clients who need to fight over estates. We do that directly, going to court on their behalf and, indirectly, giving second opinions to clients and other lawyers. Consultations and litigation support are available from us even if the dispute is in another province. We also have a lawyer who is a trained arbitrator (court is not the only way to decide a dispute). ​

We advise people who are handling financial affairs for an incapacitated loved one. Being an attorney or a committee for a loved one is difficult. Need to “pass accounts?” Need to get out of trouble? Want remuneration? ​

We teach and educate lawyers, accountants, and the public, and do so on a nation-wide basis. We write textbooks and build websites that are used across Canada. A boutique firm should do more than churn out work.