Support for Committees & Attorneys

  • Handling Affairs for a Loved One?
  • How can you refuse a request when someone you care for asks you to handle his or her affairs?
  • Where do you go from there?

Support for Committees & Attorneys

  • Advice to Guide You — We can explain your role and walk you through any problems.
  • Court Approval for Your Actions — We can help you apply to court for a “passing of accounts” when you need court approval.
  • Protecting you from Harassment — Your role is often thankless. Worse, family members will often harass you while you try to do your job. We can help calm the waters and, if need be, fend them off.
  • Securing Remuneration for You — We can apply to court and seek an order approving remuneration for you.
  • Getting You Out of Trouble — It is easy to get into trouble. Sometimes a misstep puts you in a position where you might be penalized or removed. We can help you get out of trouble.

Support & Assistance

  • Advice to guide you through your duties.
  • Court approval for your actions.
  • Protecting you from harassment.
  • Securing remuneration for you.
  • Getting you out of trouble.

Let Our Team Guide & Protect You

Tradition Law LLP, Estates & Trusts is a Winnipeg Law firm focusing on estates, trusts and incapacity. Our lawyers lecture and write in this area, providing education to the public and to other lawyers. Mostly, we help people like you.

The Tradition Law LLP Legal Team

Advice to Guide You

  • John E.S. Poyser
  • John Delaney
  • Krista Clendenning
  • Andrew Torbiak

Securing Remuneration for You

  • John Delaney
  • Krista Clendenning
  • Andrew Torbiak

Court Approval for Your Actions

  • John Poyser
  • Ken Mandzuik, KC
  • Ryan Gorlick
  • Andrew Torbiak