Estate Administration

Do you need to apply for probate or for estate administration? ​ Do you need help winding up an estate gone wrong?

Probate Issues

An executor or administrator often needs help with the probate process. We can prepare applications and pass accounts. Sometimes probate can be avoided. We can identify appropriate situations and guide the family.

Paralegal Team

The paralegal helping with the estate works exclusively on estates and estates only. Extensively trained, paralegal effort is used to generate probate applications, call in assets, prepare accounts, make distributions, and wind up estates.

Solving Problems

We can help executors and administrators solve problems:

  • Dealing with uncooperative beneficiaries.
  • Warding away creditors.
  • Dealing with assets in foreign jurisdictions.
  • Responding to community property claims.
  • Restructuring corporate assets.

The Tradition Law LLP Estate Administration Team

Cynthia Hiebert-Simkin, LL.B.

  • Head of Probate Department at Tradition Law LLP.
  • Support around the probate process and special issues.
  • Coordinates and deploys paralegal support and the skills of other lawyers at Tradition Law LLP.
  • Past Chair of the Canadian Bar Association Wills, Estates and Trusts section. Lectures widely to educate other lawyers in this area.

Krista Clendenning B.A., LL. B.

  • Member of the Probate Department at Tradition Law LLP
  • Support around probate process and special issues
  • Coordinates and deploys paralegal support