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It's About Your Needs

Estate planning should be about your needs. Look over the list of items appearing below. Are any of those items of potential interest or importance to you or your family?

Estate Planning

  • Tax Efficient Wills — Allowing your heirs to pay lower taxes after inheriting.
  • Charitable Giving at Death — Making your world a better place and saving taxes at the same time.
  • Blended Family — Directing your wealth if you have a complex family situation.
  • Protecting Wealth From In-Laws — Making sure that the wealth you leave to your children stays in the family.
  • Avoiding US Estate Tax — Avoiding US estate taxes that your family might be forced to pay if you have connections to the US.
  • Protection From Financial Misadventure — You have a beneficiary apt to squander their inheritance.
  • Protecting Multiple Generations — You would like to set aside a portion of your wealth for your family over the longer term.
  • Assets Elsewhere — You have assets in other provinces or countries

Litigation and Related Services

  • Avoiding Disputes — You anticipate a fight over your estate.
  • Capacity AssessmentsHelping people put wills and powers of attorney in place even if they are suffering from diminished mental capacity.
  • Court Fights — You are embroiled in a fight over an estate.